Energising Eye Gel 15ml


For puffiness and dark circles

Essense Energising Eye Gel a light, quick absorbing, non-oily eye gel, Haloxyl which promotes firmness, and helps to improve dark circles and minimise localised inflammation.

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For puffiness and dark circles

Also contains Eyeliss, with peptide technology, which aids in the reduction of puffiness and improvement of circulation, firmness, tone and elasticity. Contains Rooibos extract for its antioxidant properties. FRAGRANCE FREE.

The eye area is one of the most delicate skin areas on your body and it’s the first place to show visible signs of ageing, fatigue and damage.

The skin around eye area is unique for a number of reasons:

1. It contains very little subcutaneous fat tissue, thus it easily becomes less plump with age.

2. The eye area is surrounded by several muscles and is very sensitive to stress from facial movements such as laughing and squinting, which contributes to wrinkle development.

Choosing the correct eye treatment is an essential step in protecting this fragile area.


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