Delectable Body Lotion 400ml


The Delectable Body Lotion is a light, non-oily body lotion that is quickly absorbed.

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A light, non greasy body lotion that absorbs quickly

Formulated with a unique spa complex combined with Rooibos infused oil that will help leave your skin glowing and protected throughout the day.

The unique spa complex in this formulation includes Rooibos extract and other ingredients to lock in moisture, prevent moisture loss and protect the skin, blended with Rooibos infused oil for added antioxidant benefits. It leaves your skin soft, smooth and beautiful.

This range is perfect for normal skin types, yet dryer skin types can use this formula in summer when the need for deep moisturisation is not so intense.


Apply generously on body and feel how it leaves your skin soft, smooth and beautiful when applying after bath or shower.


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